ARS Quatuor coronatorum vol 111 Hbk

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Contents include:

Aspects of Masonic Ephemera before 1813 - Beresiner

George Kloss and his Masonic Library - Kwaadgras

Religious Sources of Freemasonry: Attempt to Assemble Elements - Brodsky

Freemasonry's Contributions to S American Independence - Zeldis

The Missing Constitutions - Contenders & Pretenders - Turner

Richard Boyle and the Fellow Craft's Song - MacAlpine

Political & Masonic Experience in 19th Century New South Wales - Lindford

A Private Lodge Royal Arch Certificate - Barker

Russian Freemason in the Reign of Catherine the Gt: Prince Sherbatov - Lentin

Notes on Masonic 'Fire' - Washizu

A Day in the Life of a Masonic Librarian - Kaulback

'With Military Honours' - Sermon

Freemasonry and the Great War - Reuther

The Sham Exposure in The Post Boy Dec 1723 - Beresiner

A Cable Tow's Length - Wyatt

The Rule of Three - Owen

A Call out of Africa - Donsky

Masonic Constitutional Situation in S Africa - Vieler

European Periodical Literature on Masonic Research: Review of 1980s

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